Friday, October 28, 2011

About the Lakewood Players


We believe in using drama to reach out to communicate truth in a fresh and creative way.


The Lakewood Drama Team has been created to produce dramatic presentations that reach the lost, edify believers and effectively communicate the full Gospel of JESUS CHRIST with artistic excellence and spiritual integrity.


The Lakewood Players are a part of the Creative Arts Ministry at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Our goal is to raise up a team of qualified actors, writers, artists and technicians and to build a catalogue of distinctive sketches and plays that can be performed in a variety of settings such as stage, street ministry and video. We believe in using drama to reach out to communicate truth in a fresh and creative way. A long-term goal is to provide video and written materials for Church and around the world. We believe that drama can play a valuable role in the lives of believers.

What Are the Commitments?

The commitment of our drama team is demonstrated through our faithfulness and servant heart attitude. Each member understands that they are a valued partner of the ministry team and as such, represent not only Lakewood Church, but JESUS CHRIST Himself. Therefore it is expected that each member will possess a vibrant personal relationship with the LORD as evidenced by: Faithful church attendance, fellowship; daily prayer and reading of the WORD; and a holy lifestyle.

How Do I Get Connected?

For actors, auditions are required for involvement on the drama team. The audition process begins with an open audition that occurs approximately once a quarter. For the first audition, participants do not need to prepare material. They will participate in theatre games, improvisations and short scene readings that will serve to assess dramatic ability and communication skills. Following the audition, participants may be invited back to a callback audition. The whole audition process for the drama ministry may take several months.Contact us to find out when the next Drama Workshop/Auditions will be held.Lakewood's Drama Team offers a FREE acting workshop for all interested parties 18 and older quarterly. This workshop is designed to be a fun and educational experience as well as an opportunity for attendees to showcase their talent. You will participate in theatre games, scene improvisations and cold readings of short sketches - all of which will be provided by our team. You do not need to bring any materials or prepared monologues. Look for dates in the Lakewood Church bulletin or here!