Monday, October 1, 2012

Finding Your Character

"When a famous person like Jamie Foxx does a great job portraying another famous person like Ray Charles, academy members think, 'Wow! That's acting!' "
-Film Critic Pete Hammond 

When portraying a celebrity, you have something to measure your actions against; and when portraying that person the actor must embody the characteristics that made that person notable in the first place. You have to find your character. This is exactly what Jesse Adams asked the team to do in the "Bus Stop" exercise. The first actor sits at the "bus stop" and his/her character is determined by the actor who enters the scene. The second actor must give "clues" helping the first actor determine who he or she is; once the second actor has found his character he must then play the role! Actors are encouraged to use mannerisms and catch phrases so that there is no doubt in the audience's mind who the second actor is. The first actor should pick a well-known person which requires the actors to be abreast of popular culture and willing to push the envelope to over-emphasize known characteristics.

Following the warm-up exercise we rehearsed the 3 stage performances that we will  present for the freedom series on October 15th. The 3 performances are as follows: "Wedding Wows", "In-Flight Entertainment", and "The Honeymoon is Over". In "Wedding WOWS!" a couple takes it upon themselves to edit the traditional wedding wows to suit their selfish needs; watch the mayhem unfold!

"In-Flight Entertainment" portrays an established couple who hit a little unlikely turbulence  on their way to a marriage conference.

In "The Honeymoon is Over" newlyweds face the inevitable task of redefining certain familial relationships.

So be sure to come to the Freedom Series kick off of Love Your Marriage: you'll laugh, you'll learn, and you'll love it. Be sure to click here to like our Facebook page to keep up with our ministry!