Thursday, July 25, 2013

Resolution Dilemma

Our team boasts several strong writers so when the Married Life team approached our leaders wishing to include
dramatic presentations in their Monday Night Class, Love Your Marriage we effortlessly presented old pieces from our repertoire such as "In-Fligh Entertainment" and "Wedding Wows" as well as new pieces including "What's For Dinner" and "Social Media". Though we smoothed out these performances, it started off a bit rocky. Our writers thought our pieces were to supplement the teaching in that the teachers would help those in attendance figure out how to resolve the conflicts presented, however, our audience needed more than an ending, they needed a resolution!

Oftentimes, a narrative may resolve most of the issues faced without providing closure because the author wants to allow his or her audience to create an ending or speculate possible outcomes. Life is a journey, not a destination and Marriage is a part of life. Our writers chose to highlight the journey that stresses feelings and emotions forgoing a destination. In many cases, the couple remained in conflict. In the end, the root cause of the conflict was revealed, but no steps were taken to bring closure to the situation. Unfortunately, this structure was not conducive to the needs of the Love Your Marriage Class so the team set out to edit the pieces.

Now, with the conflict softened and resolutions apparent the team continues to cultivate a solid repertoire of original pieces that can now suit the needs of varying audiences just by adding a resolution. Without the resolution the pieces mimic soap operas and with the resolutions the pieces mimic sit-coms. We successfully turned a problem into an asset and can consider our resolution dilemma destroyed! 

This represented a valuable life lesson: 1) creativity must suit the audience and 2) if your creativity doesn't suit the audience a few MINOR edits can save the day. Always be open to outside views and incorporate those views into your future projects when appropriate. We have had the pleasure of ministering several groups of married couples at Lakewood Church for nearly a year now and had we been close-minded we would have missed out on blessing others with our blessings!

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